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Road Debris Is More Than Unsightly -- It Can Injure Or Kill!

This article demonstrates the increasing danger of road debris causing vehicle crashes. Our firm handled a case involving a dump truck that failed to properly secure a tarp on a middle Georgia interstate. The tarp fell off the truck and into the road in front of our client's vehicle causing her to impact the tarp and lose control of her vehicle. Our client's vehicle then struck the guard rail and ricocheted back onto the interstate, finally coming to an uncontrolled stop approximately 600 feet from the guardrail impact. She was lucky to survive that incident but was seriously injured. Fortunately, we were able to secure a recovery for her against the trucking company's insurance company. This recovery compensated her for her medical bills and the serious injuries she sustained as a result of the truck driver's negligence. Please be careful and aware of trucks with unsecured loads as you are driving.

What your lawyer will need to prove to win your Georgia personal injury case

If you have experienced a serious personal injury as a result of negligence and are looking to take the next step in filing a claim or lawsuit to receive compensation, your case must meet these four criteria.

Georgia workers' compensation adapts to the changing workplace

Today's workplace in Georgia doesn't look anything like it did 10 or 20 years ago. Some businesses have even installed exercise facilities and encourage recreational activities for their employees to enjoy over their lunch hour. Sales personnel often work out of a home office and travel in their cars. Workers report directly to offsite locations and many technical and administrative positions are handled from the comfort of home offices.

So what do the changes mean for Georgia workers' compensation law? Just what IS considered a workplace injury when some workers never see the inside of a corporate office building?

Why hire a certified mediator for your civil litigation case in Georgia?

What does it mean when a lawyer says he or she is a certified mediator in Georgia? Not every attorney meets the requirements because not every lawyer focuses on pursuing resolutions through sound methods of alternative dispute resolution.

Winning a slip-and-fall injury case in Georgia

Many personal injury litigation websites include pages about representing plaintiffs (injured parties) in claims against negligent property owners or managers. While it is true that Georgia law holds negligent property owners liable for civil damages, winning these cases often requires a high standard of evidence, and insurance companies know it.

This blog post will discuss slip-and-fall injury claims and the best way to protect your rights if you are ever in an accident on a business, residential or public property.

So You Got Into a Car Accident in Georgia

Most of us can drive for years without ever getting into a car accident. Fortunately, if we do get into a crash, it is likely to be a fender bender at low speed, with some damage to our car but no serious injuries. But what happens if the car accident is more serious, involving emergency medical treatment, on-going doctor's care and lost time from work?

This blog will discuss why you may find that your insurance company isn't on your side when you get into a serious accident in Georgia

Updates to Georgia's workers' compensation laws

The 2015 Georgia legislative year saw many updates and revisions to the state's workers' compensation laws. From new coverage requirements for employers to the weekly benefit caps for workers, HB 412, 2015 Workers' Compensation Bill gives us many changes that are worth reviewing.

Over the next several months, this blog will visit some of the key changes to the law, as they affect the employer and injured workers in Georgia. This month's post will focus on changes to the legal language regarding the board-approved panel of physicians an injured worker must refer to when seeking medical treatment for a work-related injury, disability or illness.

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