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The 3 most common and severe types of car crashes in Georgia

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

A car crash in Georgia can occur in almost any location. Someone could end up struck while pulling into a parking lot or out of their own driveway. Crashes occur on highways and at busy intersections.

Every crash is somewhat different from the next. Factors including the angle of approach, the type of vehicles involved and the speed at which they travel determine the severity of the collision. Certain types of crashes are more common than others, and the type of crash that occurs directly relates to someone’s likelihood of severe injury or death. The following are the three types of crashes that most commonly cause poor outcomes in Georgia.

Angle collisions

Overall, angle collisions are responsible for just under half of all fatalities according to crash analysis provided by the National Safety Council. Angle collisions frequently occur at intersections or in parking lots where vehicles may approach one another from just about any direction. Angle collisions involve one vehicle striking the other somewhere on the side, which is where the vehicle has the least protection from impact. Both drivers and occupants could suffer life-altering injuries in an angle collision.

Head-on collisions

Roughly another third of all fatal crashes are head-on collisions. Intersection crashes and wrecks that begin with one vehicle traveling in the wrong direction may involve the front ends of two vehicles colliding. Head-on collisions put vehicle occupants at risk of getting thrown out of the vehicle if they do not use their safety restraints properly and can cause catastrophic vehicle damage.

Rear-end collisions

Rear-end collisions are among the most common crashes that occur, but they are only responsible for a minority of traffic fatalities. Still, people can suffer severe injuries and may even die in a rear-end collision. Particularly when there is a large difference in the size of the two vehicles involved or when the vehicle that rear-ends the other travels at a particularly high speed, a rear-end collision could have tragic consequences.

Motorists generally need to keep a constant eye out for others in traffic to reduce their likelihood of a severe or possibly fatal collision. Learning more about what types of crashes are most likely to occur and may produce the worst outcome can help people prioritize their safety on Georgia roads.