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What are the worst times to drive in Georgia?

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

If you’re a Georgia resident, you know it has vibrant cities and beautiful landscapes you can take in as you travel. However, it’s important to acknowledge that you need to clear your mind while running errands or driving. Like all states, the Peach State also features road safety challenges that can make you vulnerable to a motor vehicle accident risk.

Accidents are particularly prevalent when there is traffic congestion. The more drivers are on the road, the more likely some drivers might make costly mistakes. Even though you can’t accurately predict when there will be traffic snarl-ups, knowing the traffic pattern in your area can help you avoid the worst times to drive.

Rush hour

The undisputed champion of bad driving times in Georgia is rush hour. Roads tend to be congested during weekdays, specifically when people report for work and leave work to go home.

These times also coincide with when school buses and parents drop off children from school and ferry them back home. Furthermore, some people commute to work using bicycles or motorcycles. This hybrid mix of road users is a potent environment for accidents.

It doesn’t help that most road users might be running late and feel pressured to get to their destination as soon as possible. The increased roadway aggression can trigger aggressive maneuvers, high speeds, and tailgating. All these irresponsible driver behaviors can make the perfect storm for accidents.

The high density of road users can result in stop-and-go traffic, potentially making it easier for rear-end collisions. Being stuck in traffic for a long time can make most drivers impatient, exhausted, and inattentive. Failure to pay attention to the hands-on task of driving, even for a split second, can lead to a collision.

Late nights (midnight to 4 am)

You might think that traffic is light during late-night drives, so you’re relatively safer than if you were out during the day. However, you’ve got to remember that motorists on the roads during this hour may be driving impaired. Furthermore, the low visibility increases the possibility of accidents even among responsible drivers.

Knowing the worst times to drive on Georgia’s roads can help you plan your trips and errands accordingly. However, planning will not make you completely immune to accidents. Should you get involved in a collision, you can pursue compensation against at-fault parties with experienced legal guidance.