T-Bone/Broadside Accidents

Accidents happen without warning. Jon can help. He knows what to do

Intersection accidents can be very serious. And among the most serious car accidents at intersections are ones involving one vehicle crashing head on into the side of another car. These types of accidents are known as T-bone accidents or broadside accidents.

When these accidents happen, the vehicle struck on the side can often sustain serious damage, especially for anyone seated on the side of the car that was directly hit by another vehicle. Such injuries can sometimes prove fatal, resulting in a traffic fatality. After such a serious crash, it’s critical to turn to an experienced car accident lawyer.

Knowing what to do after a T-bone car accident in Macon or elsewhere in Georgia can be confusing. Fortunately, accident victims can turn to the Jon R. Hawk, Sr., LLC for the help and support they need during this difficult time.