Unsafe Products

Macon attorney Jon R. Hawk stands up injured victims

When we buy products that are on the market, we should be able to rest assured that they are safe if used properly. But sometimes products are defective and cause accidents that leave people hurt. Jon R. Hawk, Sr., LLC holds negligent parties responsible for unsafe products and helps the injured recover the compensation they deserve.

Unsafe products can cause serious injuries that have a serious impact on your life. You may be faced with hospitalization, surgery, therapy and medication. You may be left unable to work or take part in the activities you enjoy. Product liability attorney Jon R. Hawk determines the total damages you’ve suffered from your injury and fights to recover damages.

Georgia laws regarding product safety are clear. Manufacturers, packagers, distributors, installers and service professionals have a legal responsibility to take reasonable action to safeguard consumers who are using their products. Instructions for safe operation must be clear. Warning labels must be prominent. The product must be designed with consumer safety as a priority and manufactured to prevent defects that can result in an accident.

Common product safety personal injury and wrongful death cases include:

  • Injuries from consumer power tools and equipment
  • Defective and dangerous industrial equipment and power tools
  • Defective appliances, furnaces and water heaters
  • Dangerous children's toys and products
  • Defective and dangerous prescription medications
  • Injuries from fire, explosions and electrical shock
  • Auto defects, seat belt failure, air bag injuries

An entire legal team fighting for you

When you have Jon R. Hawk as your attorney, you get his entire legal team in your corner. We investigate your accident to find evidence of negligence. Manufacturers and other parties are unlikely to take responsibility for the accident that caused your injury. Jon takes the time to build a strong case that gets their attention.

Many people are injured while using unsafe or defective industrial equipment and power tools on the job. We help injured workers file successful workers’ compensation claims following workplace injuries. We also review the circumstances of your accident to determine whether the product manufacturer, installer or service provider may share liability for negligence leading to your accident. In many workplace accidents involving defective products, the injured party may also file a third-party lawsuit to recover significant additional compensation.

In many cases, Jon is able to negotiate a settlement with the insurance company that meets your needs. But if that is not possible, he will fight your case in court. Jon is known for litigation and is proud of his case results that have helped clients recover the compensation they needed to rebuild their lives.

If you were injured while using a consumer product for personal use or an industrial product on the job in Middle Georgia, talk to Jon R. Hawk. Contact us today for a free consultation.