Holiday Season Sees Spike in Fatal Drunk Driving Accidents

Macon auto accident attorneyThanksgiving through New Year’s Day is the time of year when many Macon families travel to visit their loved ones. Businesses ask their employees to save the date for holiday parties. Friends get together to exchange gifts, sip eggnog and talk about their New Year’s resolutions.

While the holiday season brings joy to so many, it’s also a time of year when serious car accident risks greatly increase. Celebrations can turn tragic when people make irresponsible decisions after drinking.

Unfortunately, the number of fatal accidents increases during the time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. The Georgia Department of Public Safety (GDPS) - in conjunction with Georgia State Patrol - have predicted 2,915 traffic crashes, 1,301 injuries and 20 traffic deaths on Georgia roads during the holiday season.

SCRAM Systems, which creates alcohol monitoring products, posted an eye-opening infographic about holiday drinking and driving statistics. Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, more than 1,200 people will die and about 25,000 will be injured in road accidents nationwide, according to the infographic. The holiday season sees a spike in alcohol-related crashes: Two- to three-times more people die in alcohol-related crashes than during any other time of the year.

How you can plan ahead and avoid DUI accidents

The Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) have launched a “Hands Across the Border” campaign in an effort to save lives. To prevent a drunk driving accident, it’s critical to plan ahead during the holiday season. If you’re going to hit the road for a party, make sure you have a designated sober driver. Alternately, you can use a cab or ride-share service, or if your community has mass transit, take a bus or train. You also can make arrangements to spend the night.

If you’re hosting a party, offer non-alcoholic beverages for guests and serve plenty of food. Don’t pressure anyone to drink alcohol. Pay attention to your guests’ alcohol consumption and their behavior. You may need to help them arrange a ride home or offer to let them stay overnight at your home.

At the Law Offices of Jon R. Hawk, we fight on behalf of victims of drunk driving crashes. We’ve seen the devastating consequences of someone’s decision to drink and drive. That’s what inspires us to work tirelessly to hold drunk drivers accountable.

The holiday season should be a joyous time of year. But unfortunately, Georgians and people throughout the country lose their lives or sustain serious injuries because someone at a holiday party chose to drink and drive. For families who have lost loved ones between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, the holiday season will forever be a reminder of a senseless tragedy.

If you were injured or lost a loved one in a drunk driving accident, you will need a strong advocate on your side. Contact the Law Offices of Jon R. Hawk for a free consultation.

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