The First Truck-Only Highway in Georgia

Macon auto accident attorneyGeorgia officials are planning to build a highway exclusively for trucks. The road will stretch from Macon to Atlanta and cost the state roughly $1.8 billion. The goal for this project is not only to relieve congestion, but also to make the roads safer for trucks and other motor vehicles. Safety on the road is a serious issue within the trucking industry, and far too often, the biggest safety hazards to passenger vehicles are large trucks.

Afori Pugh is a truck driver who has seen the dangers that exist on the road. “You have a lot of people flipping the bird, cussing you out, you know? But you just have to be patient and understand that they don't understand this industry... They don't understand how much danger they're in just by getting in front of you, slamming on brakes.”

Engaging in road rage is never safe, especially when large trucks are present. While it is much easier to maneuver a passenger vehicle and quickly come to a stop at around 170 feet, it takes a large truck about 500 feet to stop. Furthermore, large trucks are more difficult to handle and don’t share the same evasive capabilities as smaller vehicles.

Our tax dollars at work

The state is hoping for federal funding to help cover some of the cost of this project. Georgia will also use the money collected from the gas tax that was implemented in 2015. To further ease the financial burden of this 40-mile highway, the state is hoping to entice tech companies that are looking to test out new technologies in the trucking industry. One such method is known as platooning, in which a line of self-driving trucks are all led by one truck. This technique is of particular interest to companies such as Amazon that process hundreds of thousands of orders every day, many of which have very quick delivery times.

The Georgia truck accident lawyers at the Law Offices of Jon R. Hawk support any and all methods that could make trucks safer on the roads. It is estimated that truck traffic will double by 2040. Creating a dedicated truck highway now can ease the increase in traffic down the road and, more importantly, keep occupants of smaller passenger vehicles safer.

If you or a loved one was injured in a truck accident, contact us today. We can help you get back on your feet and out on the road again.

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