“Why Do I Need A Lawyer If I’m Injured In An Accident In Macon, GA?”

One of the questions people often ask us at the Law Offices of Jon R. Hawk in Macon, Georgia is, “Why do I need a lawyer if I’m injured in an accident?” Attorney Hawk addresses this question directly in the video posted below. For attorney Hawk, being a lawyer is “a very important calling.” He added, “The most important part of being a lawyer is to speak for someone that can’t speak for themselves. Every client has a story that needs to be told.” Attorney Hawk strongly believes that the law is “a profession that is there to serve people. It is a profession that should lead the community and we should serve people who need it the most.” The video concludes with attorney Hawk’s guiding philosophy. “We want to help people who need us. We want to help people that have been injured. And we want to do the best job we can. We’d be honored to be able to tell your story to achieve justice in your case.” Tell us your story. Contact our law firm today and schedule your free consultation.

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