Truck Accidents

Helping Injured Victims in the Heart of Georgia

Unfortunately, traffic accidents are a fact of life. But when they involve tractor-trailers or other large commercial trucks, the results can be devastating. People can be seriously hurt, and their lives forever changed. Truck accident attorney Jon R. Hawk knows the tremendous impact these accidents can have on victims, and fights to help them get the compensation they need.

Interstate 16, I-75 and the I-475 bypass are among the most heavily traveled highways in Middle Georgia. Every day, thousands of heavy logging trucks, flatbeds, 18-wheelers and commercial vans haul millions of pounds of equipment, materials and freight through the area. And every year, trucks and commercial vehicles are involved in crashes that result in injuries or fatalities. Many crash victims turn to the Macon law firm Jon R. Hawk, Sr., LLC to hold negligent parties responsible.