Truck Accident FAQ

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A truck accident can change your life. One moment you’re going about your daily routine, the next you are injured and in need of medical treatment. You may be facing hospitalization, surgery and doctor’s appointments. Macon truck accident attorney Jon R. Hawk knows how your injuries can impact your life. And he knows you are likely to have many questions about what comes next.

Here are answers to some common questions we get about truck accidents at Jon R. Hawk, Sr., LLC. Jon has been helping people hurt in truck accidents since 1997. His main goal is to help people injured in truck accidents get the financial compensation they need to rebuild their lives. He knows how to build strong cases that get results.

Some frequently asked questions:

Jon knows you probably have lots of other questions about your case. And he’s happy to answer them. Simply contact us to schedule a free consultation. Jon can meet with you, answer your questions and go over your options.

What should I do if I’ve been in a truck accident?

First, call the police—or have someone else call. If you are seriously hurt, don’t move, and wait for help to arrive. If you are well enough to move, there are some other actions you can take to protect your rights. Get contact information for the driver, the trucking company and any witnesses. But keep the conversation short. Don’t talk about any actions you did or didn’t take just before the accident.

Take photos of the accident scene with your phone (or camera, if you have one with you). Be sure to get shots of all damage to vehicles and other property. Also take photos of any skid marks and nearby traffic signals or signs. If you have any visible injuries, take photos of those, too.

Be sure to get medical attention, even if you feel OK. You may have injuries you don’t know about, that can only be found in a medical exam. If you do have injuries, the doctor will document them, which will help your case.

Finally, call a lawyer. Trucking companies have their own lawyers and investigators on the case quickly. You need an experienced attorney on your side. You can call Jon for a free consultation.

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Should I talk to the trucking company’s insurance carrier?

The short answer is no. You are under no obligation to speak to an insurance company representing the truck driver or trucking company. Their goal is to get you to say something that makes it sound like you accept some responsibility for what happened. If you are contacted by an insurance company for another party, politely decline to answer questions and say you need to consult your lawyer first.

You do have to report the accident to your own insurance company. But even then, stick to the facts, and don’t say anything regarding who was at fault. Anything regarding your involvement in the accident could be taken as an admission of fault.

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How can I pursue compensation if the trucking company is in another state?

Some trucking companies located out of state won’t get in touch with victims and can be difficult to contact. Jon is very familiar with the games trucking companies and their insurance companies play—and he doesn’t put up with them. He’s handled many cases involving out-of-state trucking companies. He knows how to build a strong case that gets their attention and brings them to the negotiating table. And if they won’t negotiate, he takes them to court to fight for the compensation that you deserve.

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The truck driver was at fault, but how can I prove it?

A truck driver is unlikely to accept responsibility for negligence after a crash. That’s why Jon and his legal team investigate each truck accident. We know where to look for evidence of driver negligence. Our investigation includes reviewing all evidence and interviewing all witnesses. We examine hours of service (HOS) logs to see if the driver was following federal regulations to avoid fatigue. We check phone records to see if the driver was texting before the crash. We seek data from the truck’s black box to determine if the driver was operating the truck responsibly.

In some cases, the trucking company may also bear some responsibility. For example, they may have hired a driver who was not qualified, or had a history of driving under the influence. Jon will hold all negligent parties responsible to help you recover financial compensation for your injuries.

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Should I accept a settlement offer?

If the insurance company makes you a settlement offer, we strongly advise you to consult a lawyer before accepting it. A common tactic used by insurance companies is to make a quick settlement offer, hoping you will say yes. The problem is, the offer won’t come anywhere close to covering the true cost of your damages. Jon determines the true value of your claim. He sits with you to learn how your injuries have affected your life. Our registered nurse examines your injuries and determines the treatment you will need, now and in the future.

Truck accidents can be complicated, because more than one insurance company can be involved. If you accept an offer from one company, it may affect the amount of compensation you can get from other companies. Jon and his legal team investigate your accident to find out which parties were at fault. Often, he is able to negotiate a settlement with each company that meets your needs. If not, he will fight for the compensation you deserve in court.

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