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Our Latest Verdicts/Settlements


Tractor-trailer collision causing neck and back surgeries to 56-year-old female struck by a driver working for a Canadian Trucking Company.

–October 2023

$750,000.00 RECOVERY 

Dump Truck collision case involving knee surgery and post-concussion syndrome.

–October, 2023

$425,000.00 RECOVERY

Tractor-trailer collision case involving minor property damage causing neck surgery.

–October 2023

$250,000.00 RECOVERY

Hit and run collision causing neck surgery (uninsured motorist insurance claim).

–October 2023


In a suit against an at-fault driver, for personal injuries suffered by a couple on their way to a medical appointment, a Gwinnett County jury awarded $1.55 million in damages to our clients. A motion for attorney fees is in the process of being filed due to the insurance company’s failure to settle the case.

– December 2022

$250,000 VERDICT

In the Superior Court of Peach County, Georgia, a jury awarded $250,000 to a nurse who was a passenger in a vehicle that was rear-ended while she was on her way to a high school football game. The pretrial offer was $10,000.

– August 2022


A Jasper County jury awarded a mother and daughter $1.78 million for personal injuries suffered due to the negligence of another driver. The pretrial offer from the insurance company was $30,000. A post-trial motion for attorney fees was settled for $470,000 resulting in a total recovery of $2.5 million.

– May 2022

$493,800 VERDICT

A Paulding County jury awarded a former nursing assistant  $493,800 for injuries sustained in an automobile collision. The pretrial offer was $30,000. A post-trial motion for attorney fees was settled for $150,000 resulting in a total recovery of $508,000.

– December 2021


We obtained an $800,000 recovery in a shooting case involving a convenience store. The insurer contested liability, but a settlement was reached.

– 2021


A  $1 million policy limited recovery in an automobile rollover case in Florida. The client was a passenger in a work truck after work hours. The driver fell asleep and crashed on the interstate, causing serious injuries.

– 2019


We obtained a $1.9 million recovery in a trucking collision case involving a tractor-trailer that was parked on the side of the interstate at night without safety reflective triangles. Mr. Hawk worked with co-counsel in preparing this case, which was settled at mediation.

– 2017


We obtained an $835,000 settlement against a swimming pool contractor whose negligence resulted in the drowning of a 2-year-old child at a relative’s residence. This tragic case was turned down by three lawyers before we had the privilege of representing this family.

– 2014