Defective Vehicle Accidents

Auto accident attorney Jon Hawk demands justice

Auto manufacturers and the makers of car parts have an obligation to create products that are safe and cause no harm. Unfortunately, some companies do not take this promise seriously. The result – serious car accidents caused by defects in the vehicle or in specific parts.

Such car accident cases can be extremely complicated. That’s because injury victims often need to face off against large corporations and entire teams of attorneys. That’s why it’s important to have a strong legal team of your own to demand the compensation you deserve for your crash.

Jon R. Hawk, Sr., LLC  of Macon, Georgia can represent you if you were injured in a crash caused by a defective vehicle. We know how to find the facts that matter. And we know how to transform that evidence into a strong legal case.

Common car accident defects

Accidents caused by defective vehicles or defective car parts cover a wide range. Some of the most common defects associated with car accidents include:

  • Design defects (Some vehicles roll over, for example, due to defective designs.)
  • Defective brakes (Vehicles sometimes don’t stop in time due to faulty brakes.)
  • Defective tires (Tire blowouts sometimes occur due to this defect.)
  • Defective transmission
  • Mechanical defects
  • Electrical defects

Proving that a car defect caused your auto accident can be very complicated. That’s why it’s critical that you have an experienced attorney on your side to demand justice.

We stand up for your rights

Companies responsible for making defective car parts that cause serious accidents often deny doing anything wrong. They may even try to intimidate you and pressure you to accept a lowball offer that doesn’t even come close to covering the cost of your crash. Or they may even deny doing anything wrong and try to avoid paying you anything at all.

Their scare tactics don’t frighten us. We have years of experiencing investigating such complex cases. We know what evidence matters. We know how to negotiate with corporations and their insurance providers. And if they refuse to cooperate, we’re prepared to take them to court.

This may be your only opportunity to obtain the compensation you rightfully deserve for your accident. Contact our law firm and schedule your free case evaluation today. We want to hear your story. We want to be your voice for justice. We’re here for you when you need us most.