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You Do Not Have To Settle After A Slip-And-Fall

Or any other injury you get on another’s property, for that matter. Injuries that take place on another’s property are a special type of personal injury class called premises liability. They are complicated and stressful, but you deserve to have an attorney who will fight for you.

At Jon Hawk Law Firm, LLC, attorney Jon Hawk is a fighter. He doesn’t let his clients just settle for the first offer from an insurance company. He leverages his over 25 years of personal injury law experience in Macon-Bibb County courtrooms to hold the at-fault party accountable.

Who May File A Premises Liability Claim?

Under Georgia law, any property owner has the obligation to keep their property safe for visitors. The designation of “visitors” includes authorized visitors, such as customers at a grocery store. Visitors can also mean people trespassing on property. Each type of visitor has different levels of expectation: A grocery store customer should expect clean, unhazardous floors, and the trespasser shouldn’t fall into a trap designed to injure a person.

The Most Common Types Of Premises Cases

Regardless of how you may have been on the property, what matters is that you have an injury. Most common premises cases involve such issues as:

  • Negligent security: Security measures must be taken if there is a reasonable expectation that a person may be a victim of a crime on the premises of a business.
  • Slip-and-fall Accidents: Tripping hazards and puddles on the floor of a business or home without notice or speedy addressing of the hazard.
  • Dog bites: Any animal on a person’s property must be safely secured, or the general public must be warned of their potential danger.

The main issue with a premises case is that you may have to file a lawsuit against a close relative or neighbor. That can feel uncomfortable, but the truth is that most of your fight will be with an insurance company that will dispute every aspect of your injury claim.

Aggressiveness That Makes A Difference

Jon Hawk is a lawyer who doesn’t back down from a challenge. He’s tough, but that toughness comes from how deeply he cares for his clients. He listens to your story and takes your struggles to heart.

Reach out today by email or phone at 478-845-6244 for a free consultation to learn more about your potential compensation after an injury.