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Our Testimonials


“Working with Jon and his office was the easiest experience I’ve ever had with a lawyer. He was truly invested in making the whole process go as smoothly as possible for me and was super helpful when I didn’t understand something. Highly recommend!” – Megan F.


“Mr. Hawk and his staff are above Excellence when it comes to his clients. I want everyone to know that they make all of your transitions smooth, so you don’t have to worry about anything. They return phone calls and emails in a timely manner. Mr. Hawk is never too busy to call you or his staff. I truly recommend Mr. Hawk’s law firm to anyone who is looking for a great lawyer to represent you in your case. I can go on and on about how professional they are and also, they do not treat you like you are bothering them… in other words, you are a priority to them and not considered as a number to a case.” – Carol J.


“Jon Hawk was obtained to represent me in a former workers compensation case. The obstacle was a journey! However, Jon was the type of attorney every client would love to obtain. Jon advocated my decisions and me. He worked diligently on my case and helped to facilitate the process! I never saw an attorney that never showed signs of discombobulation at some point in their cases! He’s consistently and constantly able to answer questions that may arise from your case. Jon is a compassionate and caring individual that cares more for his clients, than obtaining funds from your case! If you’re hurt and can’t figure out what to do, give Jon R. Hawk a call! He’s going to be there for you from the beginning till the end and in the future! Although my case has ended, he’s checks on me from time to time. I don’t know if he’ll ever be able to see this review. However, I would just like to take a second to Thank you again!” – Latasha B.


“You will never be disappointed when choosing to have The Law Offices of Jon R. Hawk on your side. Mr. Hawk, along with his amazing staff, hold their clients to the utmost priority. Everyone in the office, especially Mr. Hawk, is kind and caring to everyone who walks in the door. They are more than happy to guide each client every step of the way. Mr. Hawk is an extremely knowledgeable attorney who knows what he is doing and I would highly recommend his services.” – Anna S.