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Powerful Advocacy For Victims Of Motor Vehicle Collisions

Macon, Georgia, is known for its cultural treasures, its diverse population, its arts festivals and – unfortunately – its unsafe highways and major roads. Thoroughfares such as U.S. 129/Ga. 22 (Gray Highway), U.S. 80 (Eisenhower Parkway), and U.S. 41/Ga. 247 (Pio Nono Avenue) are well-known for being sites of car accidents and car-pedestrian wrecks.

While local municipalities are working to improve road safety, the founding attorney of the Hawk Law Firm, is dedicated to unrelenting representation for victims of motor vehicle accidents. Jon Hawk understands how insurance companies look at car and truck accidents in Georgia, because he used to work for them. He uses his knowledge of how the other side operates to build the strongest possible motor vehicle accident claim for you. He takes the time to listen to your story, so he can present it in court or during settlement negotiations.

Complex Accidents Require A Tenacious Personal Injury Lawyer

Whether a motor vehicle accident involves two or 20 vehicles, many factors are in play: the attentiveness of the drivers, weather and road conditions, speed of each vehicle and the skill of the driver if a sudden hazard presents itself. Jon draws upon his decades of experience, as well as the knowledge of professionals such as accident reconstruction specialists, to get to the bottom of your case.

The firm’s attorney can help you with these motor vehicle injury situations, among others:

It may feel intimidating to think about a court case that may require you to relive one of the worst days of your life. But Jon will take on the heavy lifting in your case and make your role in the legal proceedings as easy as possible.

Trust An Authentic Attorney Committed To The Human Touch

Trust your case to a car accident lawyer committed to practicing law with authenticity and humanity. Call the Hawk Law Firm in Macon at 478-845-6244 to set up a free initial consultation. You can also send an online message to schedule your appointment. Virtual appointments are available if you are unable to visit the office.