Getting Medical Care

Helping injured workers in Middle Georgia

Most workers injured on the job in Georgia are covered under their employer's workers' compensation insurance coverage. By state law, injured workers are entitled to receive medical care for treatment directly related to their work-related injuries or diagnosed illness. Jon R. Hawk, Sr., LLC helps you get the medical care you need for your injuries.

In order to get medical care, there is a process that must be followed, which can be confusing. Macon workers’ compensation attorney Jon R. Hawk knows how to navigate the process so your injuries can be treated.

Here are some rules regarding receiving treatment and care under an approved medical professional through workers’ compensation:

  • Your employer must provide you with a list of approved medical professionals in your immediate area.
  • The list will include at least six doctors. You will be expected to select a doctor from the panel unless you can prove that none of the providers are "reasonably accessible."
  • After you have started treatment, you have the right to change to another doctor on the panel one time without seeking your employer's approval.
  • Your employer must notify you if the company subscribes to Workers’ Compensation Managed Care Organization (WC/MCO). You should be given notice of the eligible providers and a 24-hour toll free number of the WC/MCO. A professional at the organization will assist you with appointments with an appropriate physician in the organization. Again, you may change doctors within the organization one time without seeking your employer's approval.
  • Your employer's workers' compensation insurance company should pay for all authorized bills for treatment, prescriptions, physical therapy and travel expenses directly related to the injury or illness.
  • Currently, the duration of medical treatment you are entitled to is limited to 400 weeks following the date of the accident or diagnosed work-related illness. If the injury is catastrophic, your medical benefits may be extended throughout your lifetime.

Jon can also help you prepare for your exam, so the doctor has all the information needed. He can also represent you in appeals if your treatment is denied.

If you’ve been injured in a workplace accident, talk to Jon R. Hawk. He can guide you through the workers’ compensation process every step of the way. Contact us today for a free consultation.