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5 of the most dangerous highways in Georgia

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Drivers encounter a variety of highways while traveling through Georgia. Each of these has unique characteristics and challenges. Some have gained notoriety for being particularly hazardous.

Understanding the risks associated with these roads can be crucial for drivers looking to navigate them safely. From interstate highways bustling with high-speed traffic to state routes with their own set of dangers, these are five of Georgia’s most dangerous highways.

Interstate 75

I-75, a major north-south artery running through the heart of Georgia, is known for its heavy traffic, including a significant volume of semitrucks. This highway stretches from the Florida border up through Atlanta and into Tennessee. Heavy traffic, high speeds and frequent lane changes make I-75 particularly treacherous for drivers.

Interstate 16

Interstate 16, running from Macon to Savannah, is another highway in Georgia with a notorious reputation. This highway has been the site of numerous serious accidents, including multi-vehicle pile-ups. The mix of local traffic, tourists heading to Savannah and commercial trucks adds to the complexity and danger on I-16.

State Route 42

State Route 42 runs through several Georgia counties and is known for its winding paths and rural nature. The lack of street lighting in many areas, combined with wildlife crossings and varying road conditions, increases the potential for accidents. Its rural nature means emergency response times can be longer.

Interstate 285

This is infamous for being one of Georgia’s most congested and dangerous highways. Known as “The Perimeter,” it’s a hub for local and through traffic, including heavy commercial vehicles. The high volume of traffic, frequent lane changes and varying speeds contribute to a high rate of collisions. Ongoing construction to improve the highway increases the risks on I-285.

Interstate 20

Interstate 20 extends from the Alabama border to South Carolina. It passes through Atlanta and is known for its heavy traffic and high-speed travel. The areas where I-20 intersects with other major highways are particularly hazardous due to complex merging patterns and a high volume of vehicles. Accidents on I-20 are often serious due in part to the high speeds at which vehicles travel.

While these highways are vital for transportation in Georgia, their associated risks can’t be ignored. Unfortunately, everyone isn’t as mindful of these dangers as they’ve should be. If you’ve suffered injuries in a crash with a reckless or negligent driver, it’s wise to get legal guidance to help protect your right to fair compensation.